Our Suppliers

A.M.Designs (India)

 A.M. Designs is a premier CAD/CAM/CAE service provider company. Provide customer centric and cost effective engineering solutions to the aerospace, automotive, electronic industries, medical precision equipments, and FMCG sectors.



BoardTek Taiwan is a manufacturer of double sided and multilayer printed circuit board. With production capability through 24 layers, and UL approval for line width/spacing down to 4 mils, BoardTek is well equipped to handle even the most sophisticated and highest volume customer's needs.



Special RF & Microwave Connectors and Cable assembly for Military and Commercial application up to 40GHz. SMA's, SSMA's , Blindmate's, Adapters, Interconnect Components, Accessories, Glass Seal Feed Through, Pin Contacts. S/R cable Assembly, S/R Delay Line, Phased Matched, and Flexible.



High Power Microwave Tube Amplifier System and Test Equipment for Commercial and Military Application. Satellite Communication, EMC, Lab Test, Radar Transmitters. TWT and Klystron Test Stations.



Officine Pasquali is a long-established Italian Waveguide microwave product manufacturer located in Florence. Contain state-of-art technologies and equipment for development ,engineering and production ,including plating and metal finishing and RF qualification tests on all products. Main product : ferrite circulators, Solid state TR, Limiter with STC integrated LNA, Passive waveguide components, OMT.


 G-Way Microwave (U.S.A)

Solid State High Power Amplifiers Modules & Systems up to 8GHz & up to 1 k watt for Military & Cellular. Jammer, EMC. Cellular /Ultra linear for GSM, PCS, TDMA and Wide Band CDMA applications. 
Cavity Filters & Diplexers for Cellular application. Delay lines, Band Pas Filters and Integrated Assemblies Bi Directional Amplifiers (BDA), Tower Mounted Amplifiers (TMA), Boosters, Repeaters for Cellular.



RF, Microwave, Fiber-optic & Wireless Communication Components and Systems.


Microlambda (USA)

Micro Lambda distributes across the USA, supporting customers in the telecommunications, military,
aerospace, medical equipment, and test & measurement markets.


Netcom (USA)

Netcom is a proven leader in the design and manufacture of tunable filters, RF amplifiers, LC filters, and integrated assemblies for the military, aerospace, wireless communications, and medical industries. The firm offers design engineering services, build-to-print manufacturing services, and design for manufacturing services for RF and microwave components and complex communication assemblies.


SemiGen (USA)

SemiGen is growing. We're reinvesting every day to ensure that with every new microwave challenge you're presented, we'll be here to resolve it for you. From microwave design, to microwave hybrid and PCB assembly and testing, to components, supplies, and even custom semiconductors, SemiGen gives you the edge to compete at another level.


RH Laboratories (U.S.A)

DC-40GHz Pin Diode Switch & Limiters up to 1kwatt, Digital Control Attenuators, Phase Shifters, Mixers - Double Balance : Triple Balance: S.S.B, Switch Matrixes and Sub Assembly.



Microwave Isolators & Circulators up to 40GHz. Coaxial, Stripline drop-in, W/G High Power and Custom parts. Cellular bands.


Tiger Microwave Corp. (China)

Tiger Microwave is an innovative leader in the design and manufacturing of RF/Microwave passive and active components. Since its beginning in 1992, Tiger has built a solid reputation for delivering high quality microwave components, offering assistance to help the customers achieve their design goals. Power Divider /Combiners, Directional Couplers,3 Db Hybrids, Isolators/Circulators, Diplexers/Multiplexers and Filters.



 Transcom (Taiwan)

GaAs FET for commercial & Military application. Low Noise, High Power Chip & Package. MIC module, Open Carrier Connectorize Amplifier: Low Noise & High Power. MIS Chip Capacitor.



TST – Tai Saw Technology

RF & IF Saw Filter, Saw & Crystal Resonators, Crystal Filter & Crystal Oscillators, XO and VCXO for Various applications: WLL, WLAN, Cellular, CATV, Satellite TV, DAB, GPS, Bluetooth, Automotive Electronics & Remote Control.


WIN Semiconductors Corp

WIN Semiconductors 6-inch GaAs foundry provides fast and low cost foundry services in broad range of applications from 5MHz to 130 GHz. The technologies including 1?m HBT, 2?m HBT, 0.5?m pHEMT Switch, 0.5?m power pHEMT, 0.25?m power pHEMT, 0.25?m E/D pHEMT, 0.15?m LNA pHEMT, 0.15?m power pHEMT, 0.1?m power pHEMT and BiFET pHEMT are in mass-production now.

WIN provides dedicated foundry services to design houses as well as IDM partners. WIN supplies HBT and pHEMT MMIC fabrication services to worldwide IC manufacturers, using state-of-the-art GaAs process technology.

WIN Semiconductors Corp. provides a broad spectrum of expertise in many technology areas: